Issue 0: Maturity (Digital Edition)

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This is the (DRM-Free!) digital re-issue of our inaugural Issue 0, in three formats for your reading pleasure:

.epub - for use with iPad, iPhone, Android, and other supporting devices

.mobi -
for use with Kindle, and other supporting devices

.pdf - for use with pc/mac, iOS and other supporting devices.  Unlike the others, this format mimics the layout of the original print magazine, but may require some pinching and scrolling. 

Our inaugural Kill Screen Magazine may be out of print, but you can revisit it for free on your tablet, PC or eReader now. Enjoy our first steps towards the periodical Kill Screen would become. Issue 0 sets the tone for nine more issues of Kill Screen magazine by defining our standard for thoughtful editorial and features that delve deep into videogame culture. 

In Issue 0 you can check out a conversation with Peter Molyneux about how to make man's best digital friend, an examination of the significant of GameStop by Leigh Alexander, a rattled revisitation of the first 10 minutes of Resident Evil and a passionate argument in favor of our name by Kill Screen founder Jamin Warren. 

Don't wait - give Issue 0 a read today! After all, it's free. 

Written by: Leigh Alexander, Tom Bissell, Rob Dubbin, Zack Handlen, L.B. Jeffries, Jason Killingsworth, Ryan Kuo, Matthew Shaer, Jamin Warren

Art by:
Anthony Pedro, Jude Buffum, Glen Brogan, Christophe Beauregard, Brock Davis, Reinier van der Ende, Chris Sweeney, Logan Walters, Kim Herbst, Joseph Game, Eoin Burke.

Cover by: Christophe Beauregard

Art direction by: Anthony Smyrski