Issue 2: Back to School (Digital Edition)

Issue 2: Back to School (Digital Edition)

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This is the (DRM-Free!) digital re-issue of Issue 2: The Back to School Issue, in three formats for your reading pleasure:

.epub - for use with iPad, iPhone, Android, and other supporting devices

.mobi -
 for use with Kindle, and other supporting devices

.pdf - for use with pc/mac, iOS and other supporting devices.  Unlike the others, this format mimics the layout of the original print magazine, but may require some pinching and scrolling. 

Sharpen your pencils, grab your notebooks, and prepare yourself to dig in as we explore how, why, and what games teach us. Issue 2 of Kill Screen digs deep into the explicit and implicit lessons games are waiting to provide through careful examination from within and without the world of games and games both old and new. 

Dig deep into the financial lessons of StarCraft with Rob Dubbin and a day trader, explore the inner play life of babies with Ryan Bradley and delve into the problematic world of game academia with Mitu Khandaker. Plus an in-depth inquiry into the history of that beloved school classic The Oregon Trail, the line between learning and designing, and a musing on whether or not videogames can save the news business. Issue 2 holds all this and more just waiting for you to pull it up on your tablet, computer or eReader. 


Written by: Ben Abraham, Ryan Bradley, Patrick Cassels, Simon Ferrari, Ed Fries, Ben Fritz, Brendan Keogh, Mitu Khandaker, Laura Michet, Emily Short, Kent Sutherland, Brian Taylor, David Wolinsky, Rob Zacny

Art by: David Boni, Eóin Burke, Dennis Chow, Tim Denee, Nicholas Felton, Folkert Gorter, Sean Haas, Thomas Haywood, Ian Higginbotham, Sarah Jacoby, James Kochalka, Zach Kugler, Daniel Purvis, Justin Russo

Art direction by: David Boni