Issue 3: Intimacy (Digital Edition)

Issue 3: Intimacy (Digital Edition)

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This is the (DRM-Free!) digital re-issue of Issue 3: The Intimacy Issue, in three formats for your reading pleasure:

.epub - for use with iPad, iPhone, Android, and other supporting devices

.mobi -
 for use with Kindle, and other supporting devices

.pdf - for use with pc/mac, iOS and other supporting devices.  Unlike the others, this format mimics the layout of the original print magazine, but may require some pinching and scrolling. 

Letting a person get close to you can be terrifying - some find letting a game know their soul a lot simpler. Videogames can explain a lot about sex, love and intimacy, and in Issue 3 of our magazine we will explore all of these in our most raw and personal issue yet. 

The best writers and thinkers in gaming tell their stories, and they hold nothing back. Brendan Keogh sees anorexia through the lens of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Victoria and Anthony Bartkewicz share the secret of a happy marriage: pummeling each other in Soul Calibur IV. Ryan Bradley explores the mystery of hand-holding, while Justin Amirkhani asks game designers about the most influential fights they've survived. We take a walk down memory lane with Leisure Suit Larry's Al Lowe, speak with academic Katherine Isbister about social gaming, and ask the creator of Digital: A Love Story if she's ever been in love herself. Also Jenn Frank writes a personal history of her Second Life, leading us from an Amsterdam sex den to an
Anglican church.

These are just a few of the stories in our longest and most powerful issue to date. Share it with someone you love.

Written by: Justin Amirkhani, Chris Baker, Victoria and Anthony Bartkewicz, Ryan Bradley, Rob Dubbin, Jenn Frank, J.P. Grant, Andrew Hayward, Tracey John, Jason Johnson, Brendan Keogh, Nora Nahid Khan, Brandon W. Laird, Maddy Myers, Chris Plante, Jason Schreier, Kent Sutherland, Brian Taylor

Art by: Jesse Angelo, Max Capacity, Tim Denee, Jason Fischer, Celine Grouard, Gena Hayward, Ian Higginbotham, Tiffani Hooper, Stu Horvath, Andrew Hymas, Sarah Jacoby, José-Luis Olivares, Rey Ortega, Louis Roskosch, Justin Russo, Mark Stuckert, Filippo Venturi

Art direction by: David Boni

Cover by: Rey Ortega

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