Issue 8: Virtual Reality (Digital Edition)

Issue 8: Virtual Reality (Digital Edition)

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This is the (DRM-Free!) digital version of Issue 8: The Virtual Reality Issue, in three formats for your reading pleasure:

.epub - for use with iPad, iPhone, Android, and other supporting devices

.mobi -
 for use with Kindle, and other supporting devices

.pdf - for use with pc/mac, iOS and other supporting devices.  Unlike the others, this format mimics the layout of the original print magazine, but may require some pinching and scrolling. 

All the strange and beautiful things about videogames can only get stranger and more beautiful when viewed through an enormous glowing headset. Kill Screen’s Issue 8 tackles the topic du jour—virtual reality—by taking a timeless approach. We want to understand the era we’re heading into by looking into its past and future.

And so we sent the best writers in videogames to try on primitive, battery-powered gloves from the Victorian era, and find a forgotten prototype from the 50’s gathering dust in an Orange County apartment. We talked to the people designing the games, therapy treatments, and military tools today that will define our experiences tomorrow. We explored the political and psychological ramifications of a world in which all our VR fantasies have come home to roost.

Plus: Did the Lawnmower Man ruin everything? Will this all just crash and burn like it did in the 90’s? And, horrifyingly: What happens if we can’t get out?

Written by: Ryan Bradley, Chris Breault, Stephanie Carmichael, Gavin Craig, Darren Davis, William Drew, Nathaniel Ewert-Krocker, Kyle Fowle, Erik Fredner, Stephen Hershey, Brian Howe, Jason Johnson, Jess Joho, Zack Kotzer, Calum Marsh, Thomas Rousse, David Shimomura, Rich Shivener, Dan Solberg, Carli Velocci

Art by: Naomi Butterfield, Shane Jessup, Dave Kloc, Kiji McCafferty, PJ McQuade, Chris Nickels, Overture, Dana Paresa, Steven Strom, Keith Telfeyan

Art direction by: CJ Dunn

Cover art by: Dark Igloo and KidMograph