Issue 9

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Issue 9 is here! Kill Screen’s 9th issue is the first of our all-new, Kickstarter-funded relaunch. Games are exploding into all sorts of weird new experiences, and the effects can be felt in everything from multimillion-dollar blockbusters to tiny, bedroom-designed games. We promised that this relaunch would present a curated, vibrant vision of videogame culture that could be picked up and enjoyed by anyone, inside or outside of games.

Humbly, we’ve gone above and beyond that aim. From in-depth reported features on Lily Zone, Cardboard Computer, and David OReilly to a detailed breakdown of every animal you kill in the Resident Evil games; from a massive critical read on Red Dead Redemption as our inaugural Kill Screen Review to a look at the National Guard’s use of Call of Duty as a recruiting tool, we’ve probed videogame culture from a dizzying number of angles.

There’s truly something for everyone in here, and we’re incredibly proud of the work our writers and artists have put into this issue. We can’t wait to try and top it.

Written by: Chet Betz, Chris Breault, Clayton Purdom, Colin McGowan, Darran Anderson, David Rudin, Gareth Damian Martin, Jamin Warren, Jason Johnson, Jess Joho, Jon Irwin, Matt Margini, Reid McCarter, Roy Graham

Photography by: David McDowell

Art by: Christopher Black, Judy Lee, Julie Yeo, Mau Lencinas, Rune Fisker

Art direction by: Justin Kielbasa